You’re a Peach Card

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Inside: Blank
Size: 4.75″ x 4.75″
Made in USA
Quality printed, carefully packaged, envelope included
Design by Quill & Fox

Meet-a-Card Series // Featured Card #22

“You’re a peach.”

I’m glad that’s the saying and not “you’re a pear.” Because maybe it’s just me but I think pears are kind of gross. If someone told me I’m a pear I would be pretty insulted, just saying.

But a peach – a peach is such a happy fruit. It’s soft like a pillow. It’s all the colors of your favorite sunset. Even saying the word forces your mouth into a smile. I think saying “You’re a peach” really means “You are just the most wonderful thing I could think of. Thank you. PS. I would never call you a pear.”