Orange Juice Postcard

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Size: 4″ x 5.8″
Add a frame and hang on your wall for your own Mini Art!
Quality printed, carefully packaged
Design by Naoshi

Meet-a-Card Series // Featured Card #27

He sees her everywhere he goes. She’s in his every waking thought, she appears in every dream. He looks in the mirror, and for the first split second it’s her face looking back at him. He can’t get away. It is torture.

One day they cross paths, the real her and the real him. And he realized that he missed the color of her eyes. But he didn’t miss the way her eyes looked sad and empty most days. He missed her presence, but could it have been the presence of anyone at that point? She was a wonderful companion. They laughed together, and they understood many parts of each other. But he didn’t understand what made her eyes look so sad. And he didn’t actually want to understand. And once he understood what he didn’t want to understand, everything got better.


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