Love Letter One Card

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Inside: Blank
Size: 4.25″ x 5.5″
Made in USA
Quality printed, carefully packaged, envelope included
Design by Daydream Prints

Meet-a-Card Series // Featured Card #14

And what am I when I am with you? What effect are you having on me, exactly? Well, I’m comfortable. And not in the yoga-pants-every-day, not-washing-my-hair-anymore kind of way. No. I’m comfortable just being me, the real me, the complete me. Sometimes I’m messy and emotional and annoying. But sometimes I’m hilarious and sexy and creative. And you aren’t bothered by the bad bits, and you enhance the good. You bring out the good, and you appreciate the good. You treasure me.

And I guess I haven’t seen myself the way that you see me in a long time.

I love you for that.

In fact, I love you for everything.