I am Radish Postcard

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Size: 4″ x 5.8″
Add a frame and hang on your wall for your own Mini Art!
Quality printed, carefully packaged
Design by Naoshi

Meet-a-Card Series // Featured Card #1

H-hello? Um, hi. My.. my name is– no. That’s no way to start. HALLO. I AM RADISH. Sometimes I think the best place to hide – well, not hide exactly, but, you know, “lay low” is right here in the dirt. I don’t always have the energy to run away from awkward situations, so instead I can just sink into the floor like this. Plus it’s so nice and cool down here. You really can enjoy the people-watching better, without being scared they’ll talk to you or something. My mom says I should “face my fears” and “make more friends” but I like it down here just fine. It suits me. I am Radish.


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